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D3 Natural Systems Competition: 2012

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Algae Design Competition Track 01: 2011

Graduate Architecture Competition: 2011

Thinkspace; Urban Borders Competition: 2011

Evolo Skyscraper Competition: 2011

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ENTRANT JULY 2012: D3 Natural Systems Competition

An International Design competition run every year from 2009 that explores how new forms of architecture maybe inspired by natural systems and processes.

The project seeks to explore a version of architecture as both infrastructure and superstructure part of a wider urban eco system and itself a complex system of interconnecting relationships between man the user and man the consumer. It proposes an architecture as a living ecology supporting itself and giving back to the wider community whilst eliminating waste products for the urban system. We are in Draught! Says the advertisements from Thames London march 2012. The concept that increasing urbanisation has lead to increased pressure on key resources but none more so than the fundamentals of LAND and WATER.

The project seeks inspiration from the natural system of trees but does not seek to complete bio mimesis as buildings are made of fixed components rather than grown through mitosis, this leads to distinct differences in the overall structures. Instead I have chosen to look at structural mechanical and environmental strategies that trees employ to utilise conserve resources and how these organism co exist within the wider ecology which is analogous to how buildings could behave in the wider ecology of the city. The inspiration is not purely technical I have also been inspired by the affective and sensorial qualities of inhabiting a canopy the light/ shading qualities the temperature and local humidity and the sense of living within the tree tops, but in a man made structure,

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