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After The Rains: Bio Climatic Tower, Taipei

Taipei After the Rains: The project takes its starting point the assumption that in principal the vertical mega structure as a typology is still valid, and seeks to question how might at the beginning of the 21st century the way we construct and inhabit these structures might alter, What will a 21st century tower be and how could this affect how the urbanism of tomorrow is reconfigured. 

SITE: The Site is central Taipei, Taiwan. Chosen as a representative of a complex and rapidly developing urban system with increasing pressures on land and delivery of resources. Taiwan is an island country and unlike the vast hinterlands of China land and useable drinking water are becoming more and more limiting factors. In its still growing population and economy requires higher levels of density and as time goes on this issue is set to grow still further leading to questions of how to address this. This is not a problem solely of Taipei but one of many global cities. It thus acts as a good testing ground for addressing wider issues facing many post industrial or rapidly de industrialising cities. Taipei also has a number of specific climatic and geological constraints that make building any tall building or mega structure that bit more challenging.

IDENTITY: The Tower aims to read at a number of scales from a skyline and cityscape it reads as an autonomous object clearly silhouetted across the city. Closer up though, the porous surface gives the building a fineness which allows people to understand the scale and texture of the building. By twisting and deforming as the tower ascends different scales of internal space are created allowing for greater internal flexibility the expression of these shifts in scale as left exposed wrapped but the outer skin. At the based the shading veil parts to allow people to enter the building. One portion of outer surface is left open revealing the inner workings of the building.

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After The Rains