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SPECIAL MENTION JULY 2012: Thinkspace Past Forward Competition

An International Design competition That aimed at Re-running significant competitions of the last 30 years with the original winner of the competition acting as the juge for the new competition The second competition of this era was the 1994 competition to design and build Yokohama Fery Terminal originally won by FOA Architects and now judged by founding partner ALejandro Zearo Polo.

The purpose of this international competition is to ask globally for designs of ''Yokohama International Port Terminal'', so as to make it a symbol of the port, to welcome passenger ships from abroad, and to be a place of proud for international exchange. The designer of the grand prize work will be entrusted by the City of Yokohama with the design of this institution.

My response was to propose a new landscape of the three distinct user groups inhabiting the port, each separate and stacked yet through distortion each connected vertically either by physical or purely visual means. In this model the urban roof not only operates as a structured surface but also as the key environmental mitigator for the whole terminal it provides air heat and light for the users below, through means passive and active.

Website Competition link: Thinkspace Past Forward Yokohama

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Yokohama Ferry Terminal