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The Nature of Home


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Fluid Transitions: The Spectacle Of Water

The Workshop brief, looked at the issue of food security. We looked at how the limiting factor in LA would be the need for water. Ever Increasing demand for water and climate changes are leading to ore and more scarcity of water in certain areas while some areas suffer decertification other become flooded and inundated with amounts of water they cannot deal with How could this issue affect domestic life and the centre of water use the kitchen?

Looking at the use of water domestically as both quantity and qualitative states. Also we considered the transitional quality of the different processes of water in domestic life and how one might make people aware of the value of scarcity of the resource. In this way we discussed the potential of the kitchen becoming a didactic device teaching people to conserve water supply.

Exploring the notion of the transitions of water, the idea of de constructing the apparatus of domestic water usage from contained functions, washing, cooking, freezing, consumption with input and outputs changing to a closed loop circular holistic system where the use of water becomes a celebrated spectacle to the backdrop of daily life. In recent years, the cult of celebrity has created celebrity chefs which have turned the domestic life of cookery into a spectacle of display, with their fame and brand power they us themselves to promote and educate the populace in better eating habits.

This celebration of normal domesticity leads us to reconsider the role of the kitchen servant space of stage set for informal domestic life. The language of the kitchen becomes one of static vessels that contain water in its many static states, The parasitic infer structure supports and maps the transitions and dynamic states of the water.

Workshop at UCLA 2010








The Spectacle of Water