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Evolo Skyscraper Competition: 2013

Highline For London Competition: 2012

Thinkspace Past Forward Competition: 2012

D3 Natural Systems Competition: 2012

Suckerpunch Daily Competition: 2011

Algae Design Competition Track 01: 2011

Graduate Architecture Competition: 2011

Thinkspace; Urban Borders Competition: 2011

Evolo Skyscraper Competition: 2011

EOS Manufacturing Publications: 2010

Workshop UCLA 2010>

EcoHouse Competition 08:
The Nature of Home


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ENTRANT FEB 2011: Thinkspace; Urban Borders Competition

An international Student competition organised by the Zargreb Society of Architects and judge by Guest Judge Shohei Shigematsu of OMA*AMO in New York. Competition centred on new different notions of the ground plane in contemporary urban conditions, My Project LA Forum was submitted due to its reflection on the ground plane as a terrace of shifting uses and users. It relationship with the surrounding city goes from one of urban cityscape to green landscape with processional routes cutting through the site whilst allowing new pedestrian led relationships between people in Los Angeles Downtown area.

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